“Islam is one in all the world’s most significant religions. Moslem leisure focuses on three aspects of leisure in Associate in Nursing Moslem context. These are: 1st, what Islam has got to say regarding leisure, leisure activities and connected concepts; second, what will be seen as specifically Moslem kinds of leisure. Moslem leisure offers everything with reference to leisure and Islam, drawing on analyses of Moslem scriptures furthermore as analysis on time use and activity patterns in numerous countries. They conclude that, on Associate in nursing objective basis, the conception of leisure has connectedness in Associate in Nursing Moslem context, Associate in Nursing Moslem teachings support and basically positive read of leisure and recreation. However a minimum of some leisure activities, common within the West, square measure thought of unacceptable (haram) by Muslims.”- Tawbah Sunbul Mikhail

“In accordance with the Islamic norms and ethos people can enjoy themselves here with Islamic Leisure. We are fully satisfied with the facilities and features provided here. Their halal hotel management is really awesome. I hope their management system must please without any doubt.”- Abdul-Muhaimin Anas Seif

“If you have ordained that we enjoy peace after we have done a job, make it a safe and sound one so that we may not any commit sin and not get harmed by it. Here you will find a full satisfaction. I find no lack of qualities. Spa, swimming pool, gym, tennis club, relaxation salon is very comfortable and satisfactory.” – Shawqi Mahmud Saliba

“All the modern amenities are available here. This grand luxury beach resort edifice offers all the ingredients of a dream luxury vacation. This is special for counseled for honeymoons and every one special occasion. The features are Half Board comprehensive, Beach, Swimming Pools, Sports & Leisure Activities, Health & Spa Relaxation and amusement. If anybody asks me, I must recommend Islamic Leisure. ” – Ghaaliya Kulus Hanania

“Everything is in full privacy. There are spa, swimming pool, sun bathing are totally separate from men and women. Here you will get 100% privacy for men and women and children. In such a culture, leisure time does not mean being idle or wasting one’s time, but it means that one should spend all his time doing a purposeful activity here with ISLAMIC LEISURE. Proper leisure time in Quranic culture does not equal idleness and not doing anything.” Bahiya Zakiyyah Bahar

“This grand luxurious hotel must encourage you to recreational activities in the realm of Islamic laws and norms finishing one job and engaging oneself with another. This is very luminous and full of modern amenities.” – Ablah Shakirah Sleiman

“ISLAMIC LEISURE does not offer any alcohol and any types of amenities which are aginst Islamic norms and ethos. In Islamic culture, leisure time is regarded as a part of one’s lifetime which bears a huge bearing in mind ISLAMIC LEISURE has arranged everything. This is really charming and convincible to the Muslim people. For this reason I more than once enjoyed the all the offers offered by Islamic Leisure. I strongly suggest this without any hesitation.” – Dhul Fiqar Mundhir Dagher