About us

Our aim is to produce a high quality vacation expertise that’s harmonious with Islam. Islamic leisure is made to push and make leisure activities that fall inside Islamic rules. We have a tendency to powerfully believe that we have a tendency to area unit noticeably appreciative for all the positive response and encouragement we’ve had throughout the project. We have learnt an excellent deal and opened avenues for others to follow.
Islamic Leisure.co.uk has established a name because the world’s leading freelance Islamic Leisure specialist, giving quality halal leisure holidays and Islamic Heritage Tours.

All accommodation facilities are operated in accordance with Islamic norms. Our resorts and hotels are alcohol free and have separate swimming pools and beach, leisure areas and spa facilities for men, ladies and families. All recreation programs that are inside the norms of Islam are fascinating, pleasant and family-friendly. Also because the separate facilities for men and ladies, there also are family-oriented facilities, that modify the family to get pleasure from their vacation along during an appropriate atmosphere, whereas business for kids by special clubs and games rooms, etc.

We usually offer

Resorts – Halal Sun & Beach Resorts & Spas
Villas – Luxury nonpublic Villas with secluded pools
Health – Halal Thermal Resorts & Spas
City Breaks – Halal Hotels with Daily Heritage Tours

Our Specialties

Every building has been chosen for a reason – some are luxurious properties with terribly upmarket feeding and leisure facilities, others are beach resorts or tiny store hotels chosen for his or her distinctive Islamic atmosphere and friendly service, whereas others supply access to a number of the region’s best medical care and spa centers.

Our experience and quality of service are what set U.S. apart. We have a tendency to the world team of extremely tough travel specialists. We have sturdy understanding of European and International Muslim client base and that we area unit specialists in vacation business to Turkey and Arabian Peninsula. You are on vacation our native supplier’s representatives offer you with a wealth of native data and make sure you get the foremost out of your vacation no matter your interests and plans. Our reps are way more than simply company representatives – they’re your hosts in our vacation destinations!

Whether you are looking for a calming Mediterranean halal beach vacation, town break in city with Ottoman heritage tours, cross-country discovery tours or bespoke vacation to your own specification, our friendly team can produce a perfect itinerary for you.

The resorts and hotels, listed on our web site, serve halal food and have no-alcohol policy altogether or some areas on their premises. All resorts (and some hotels) have separate pool, spa and leisure facilities for girls. There also are prayer facilities on web site. Several properties conjointly supply family adjusted facilities and recreation. Luxury villas have non-public athletic facility with bonded 100% privacy from an out of doors eye within the swimming pool and sunbathing space. Activities are back-geared towards maintaining the values and modesty of Muslims.