Islamic leisure is currently a longtime idea within the commercial enterprise and edifice management trade, providing travel and commercial enterprise services in accordance with Muslim beliefs and practices. Muslim leisure could be an apace growing market sector, as a lot of halal-conscious travelers and round the world is turning into responsive to the facilities it provides, and edifice chains are developing a lot of properties during this market sector. There are prayer facilities. On website several properties additionally supply family destined facilities and amusement. Luxury villas have non-public natatoriums with warranted 100% privacy from an out of doors eye within the swimming pool and sunbathing space. Activities are double-geared towards maintaining the values and modesty of Muslims.

Though it’s in London however it’s the foremost well-liked destinations – Turkey, the seat of the Muslim Ottoman Empire, that for 6 centuries was the middle of interactions between the East and West, is attracting Muslim tourists from round the world like U.A.E. particularly national capital and metropolis is additionally very fashionable, and vital efforts are happening at intervals the U.A.E. particularly national capital, to develop it as a halal-friendly destination. Malaysia, Dutch East Indies and plenty of different Muslim and non-Muslim countries also are developing their halal-friendly commercial enterprise services.

Currently these classes of halal-friendly properties are offered on our website:

Resorts – Halal-friendly Beach Resorts & Spas
City Hotels – Halal-friendly Hotels in town locations
Thermal – Halal-friendly Health Resorts & Spas
Villas – nonpublic vacation Homes with secluded pools

Our web site additionally has distinctive Halal-friendliness filters, like “Halal Food”, “No Alcohol Policy” and “Ladies Leisure facilities” filters to modify customers to settle on the foremost appropriate hotels that best meet their needs. In locations, wherever complete halal hotels aren’t accessible, our web site helps halal-conscious travelers to settle on hotels supported their degree of halal-friendliness.

ISLAMICLEISURE.CO.UK is that the leading international on-line platform for halal-conscious travelers to look and book Resorts, Hotels and Villas throughout the globe. You’ll be able to relax, absorb the sun and luxuriate in sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, or keep in nice town hotels or nonpublic luxury villas, while not compromising the values of your beliefs.


This grand luxury beach resort edifice offers all the ingredients of a dream luxury vacation – counseled for honeymoons and every one special occasion.
Half Board comprehensive, Beach, Swimming Pools, Sports & Leisure Activities, Health & Spa Relaxation and amusement


All food within the property is halal and alcohol free premises.
Property has beach spa center, indoor and outdoor swimming and sunbathing space with 100% privacy for women solely.

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ISLAMIC LEISURE is that the leading international complete. Our aim is to supply Muslim families with a sleek vacation booking method followed by a top quality vacation expertise that’s harmonic with Islam. We also like to thank our sponsors Casino bonus 247 and Freespins 247 for their contributions to Islamic leisure.

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